What are the advantages of being member of the IBDIC?

Member who joins us gets a membership card and an annual subscription. In addition, he/she takes benefits from the following advantages:

  • Introducing the member's business and projects, as we will promote you and your projects through our website.
  • Coordination and networking with others, as you will get wide relations through our center, with businessmen and investors.
  • Take advantage of the investment opportunities made available by the Center which are offered through its members.
  • Providing cooperation in the areas of work, where we provide you with additional services such as consulting, information sharing and relationships.
  • Obtaining the services requested by the member, where we can help and provide the best services.

What is the cost of subscribing and obtaining a membership? How do I get a membership card?

The one-time registration fee is one hundred dollars, and the annual subscription amount is 900 US$. After paying the annual subscription, we will send the membership card to you at the address registered with us, so please write the address accurately.

What do I do after filling out the form and filling out the membership form? How can I pay the subscription?

After sending the application to join the Center, by filling in the form, we will examine the application first, and respond to you as soon as possible. After filling out the form, one of our employees will contact you, via the means of communication included in the form, so make sure that the data is correct. We will send an email to you with an electronic invoice with the membership payment link; you can pay the subscription online through our website, or through a bank transfer. All these data will be mentioned in the electronic invoice that we will send to you on the e-mail once the membership application is examined.

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